chocolate that makes you feel good…

…to all those that love to bake - this one’s for you!!!

Lately I have been doing a ton of cooking. With amazing produce from the farmer’s market, my favorite fruit in season, and fun barbeque’s to share with friends, Summer has given me a ton of reasons to get into the kitchen! And of course every meal needs a dessert right?! So I thought I would kick off the week with a great online boutique that focuses on one of my favorite ingredients…chocolate!




Intentional Chocolate is a new form of the universally loved candy that actually improves your overall well being! It decreases stress, increases calmness and helps you feel less tired! I know, I know – how could that be? We can eat this sweet treat and it will be good for us? YES!! It has actually been proven in a study to improve the way you feel! So how does it work? It’s the brainchild of Jim Walsh, who combined Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate (considered the BEST chocolate in the world) with a ”concentrated form of positive intentions.”


take your choice


truffles and you won’t feel bad about it!


You can purchase Intentional Chocolate in bags of dark, milk, and for the first time, vegan varieties. And depending on how much chocolate you need, the package of pistoles come in 7 ounces, 14 ounces, and 30 ounces.


perfect for any recipe


sisters, camryn and ashley walsh, run the company


So whip up your next batch of cookies with this delicious chocolate and share the goodness with family and friends! I can’t wait to try it in my NEW dessert obsession – homemade s’mores pops!! And since it is so good for us, we can indulge and not feel bad about it! (Ummm, BIG thanks to the Walsh family!!)


xx…btq girl


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