olympic beauty…

…we are MAJORLY hearting the manicures of many of our favorite athletes during these Summer games!! And thanks to Minx, who set up shop in the Olympic Village and created over 200 national flags for each country, athletes can get their nails done in true Olympic fashion!


missy franklin – team usa


aimee willmott – team great britain


misty may treanor – team usa


coralie balmy – team france


amy oliver – team great britain


…and while we are on the subject of the games – last night had us on the edge of our seats as we watched team USA crush it in London!!! We broke records and made serious HISTORY!!


team usa takes gold in gymnastics – our first gold since 1996!!


michael phelps becomes the most decorated olympian in history with 19 medals!


So we just want to send a HUGE shout out to all the athletes on Team USA and tell you how absolutely AMAZING we think you are!!!!!! We may not be in London, but we are certainly cheering from the sidelines in LA!


xx…btq girl


*images 1-5 from style.com, 6, 7

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