assembly new york…

…this lower east side boutique came to me courtesy of a true New York shopper and one of my best friends. I had no idea this amazing shopping destination was here and, on our way to brunch, she suggested we stop in.

170 ludlow

I was thrilled to find Assembly as they house hard to find luxury designers along with international labels. Some I had heard of, but a lot I had not…which made it sooo exciting AND tempting! They carry both men and womens along with vintage pieces.

special pieces from coveted designers


assembly new york


table of desire


a lil somethin for the guys


assembly new york


this was my problem area

Some of the pieces I found most enticing…

christophe lemaire




assembly new york collection


david michael


laneus english

If I lived in NYC, this would definitely be on my regular weekend hit list. The pieces are beautiful and the selection is distinctively unique from every other boutique I have shopped. I think it’s pretty unlikely I will find a girl wearing my same A Detacher Patchouli animal print jogging pant…and I love that.

xx…btq girl

assembly new york: 170 ludlow st. new york. ny. 10002. 212-253-5393.

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