your first photos from coachella 2012 and outfit inspiration…

…I am sure you have seen a million posts about Coachella and what to wear…aaaand here is ONE more! But first, I’m going to give you an inside peak at Coachella in the making. Here are some pics I snapped while we were near the polo fields last weekend…

and we have arrived...a week early


the polo fields get a makeover


home of the tepee


building the main stage


hiding behind the camera


obsessed with the tepee's


Now, more importantly (!) what are you going to wear? Here is some inspiration to help as you start packing…


coachella inspired




denim + print








perfect jewelry


coachella double knot


just add fresh flowers


Unfortunately we have other plans this weekend, so we won’t be heading to Coachella, but to all of you making your way out there - have fun!


xx…btq girl


ps…once you get out there, make sure to stop in THIS boutique!!! (yes we are obsessed)


  • April 11, 2012

    Dorothy Contopulos

    Great Job depicting Coachella Fest Heather

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