the MUST HAVE book set…

…or should I say trunk?!? I was out and about shopping in Weho yesterday and came across the most amazing piece! I am a huge fan of Assouline books (more to come on that store in a future post), so I pretty much squealed with delight when I ran smack in to this thing….

assouline x goyard

  A custom made, genuine Goyard leather trunk made especially for Assouline. Inside it is filled with 100 signature Memoire photo-biographies. Have you ever read any of these before? Get the Chanel collection…it is hands down the best series. But this trunk includes not only fashion books, it also has art, design, and architecture to tickle your fancy. 

chanel, chloe, dior...they're all in there

up close and personal

side view is just as good

 At a cool $20,000, it could also double as a night stand…just sayin.

xx…btq girl

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