the moment has arrived: say yes to the dress…

…every bride dreams of the day when she officially decides on THE dress. Well for me, yesterday was that big day! I promised you would be the first to know and as I can’t give away too much detail for obvious reasons (the fiancé does read the blog!), I had to tell you that it happened!


welcome to the home of my dress…just to confirm, mine is white!


So the things I can tell you?!? It’s gorgeous and amazing and definitely the highlight of planning the wedding so far! But I do have a little bit of advice for any brides to be…I did have a moment where it was a little overwhelming because there were a few dresses I fell in love with. I had a close friend give me the best advice that I wanted to share. She told me “it’s not how you look in the dress, its how you FEEL in the dress!” As simple as it sounds, that advice can easily fade by the 4th, 5th, or 10th dress you try on. Just remember, this is your wedding day – you’re going to look amazing no matter what! So say yes to a dress that not only looks incredible, but makes you FEEL like a million bucks…


waiting to get started


trying it on one more time


booking my 3 fittings before the big day in may


So as I can now check off “find a wedding dress” from the to-do list (maybe you saw my instagram yesterday), I can really start to imagine the big day! I have found my dream dress to marry the most amazing man! I’m a very happy girl…


xx…btq girl

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