style makeover: shopbop puts a fresh foot forward…

…I know you’ve heard the age old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Well that’s what I would have said about my favorite online boutique Shopbop, but after seeing the site’s new look last week – I’ve fallen even more in love!


welcome to your new homepage


If you haven’t been on the Shopbop website in the last week or so, check it out now! The revamp is amazing with plenty of bells and whistles, larger images and videos to boot. With over 10,000 pieces online at one time, it is not an easy task to freshen up a shop that already has an unbelievably large amount of traffic per day. My favorite part, the pictures of the models have been updated to videos where they actually move in the clothing, giving you an even better idea of what the piece will look like on!



I also love the “Wear it With” suggestions below each piece viewed. Shopbop hired Treena Lombardo from Allure Magazine to be the retailer’s fashion director – so she is involved in all of the recommendations and trends you see.


add to your cart…


And of course, every launch party has to have a video with all our fave designers! This one is too funny…and I love it!



As if you needed another reason to shop Shopbop, they update the site with new pieces every morning at 6:18am (est)…which means you should go check it out right now. And if your reading this before 6am…go back to bed!


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