Shopping for your Health…

So it’s right about now that I wake up and say to myself…wow I ate waaaay too much over the holidays!! But how can you say no to See’s Candies, caramel marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, the infamous Patti Cake, or my best friend’s homemade peppermint pie?!? The answer – YOU DON’T!!! But that’s okay because this is why the gym was invented right?!? Well, now it’s time to get back to spinning or yoga or pilates or whatever your cardio of choice is and sweat it out!!




Working out is not only about finding a class or gym you love, but it’s also about finding the right clothing that fits you! In my opinion, finding a sports bra is always the hardest, so here are 5 shopping tips to help…




1. Forever 21 $12.80 / 2. Victoria Secret $29.50 / 3. Lululemon (personal fave) $58 / 4. Nike $30/ 5. Victoria Secret $29.50


xx…btq girl


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