most amazing day ever means more btqs for you!

…I have some news that I am really excited to share with you! Here at TheBoutique411, we are going to be adding a new category of boutiques – Wedding. And why might you ask?!? Well today marks a very special day…last Friday the cutie bf took me on a little vaca down to the Montage in Laguna and, beyond romantically, popped the big question! It has been so amazing and this past week has been a whirlwind of excitement with friends coming over, celebrating, etc!




yes yes yes and yes!!!!!!


so him


Now I want to assure you, the blog is not going to turn into a ton of wedding boutiques, but I am thrilled to add another element and share with you some great shops that I look forward to finding along the way. And if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear!

So I guess the cutie bf will now be referred to as the cutie fiancé…I like the sound of that!

xx…btq girl

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