what happens in vegas…


doesn’t always stay in Vegas. I realized that the minute I set foot in The Crystals – the luxury shopping experience on the Vegas strip. How could I NOT tell you about this?!?

Now I will be the first to admit, I am not a huge fan of Vegas. I actually had to go there on a day trip for work (ugh, I know), but while I was there, I popped in The Crystals to see what it was that everyone had been talking about. And I will admit – it did not disappoint. It is as mesmerizing on the outside as it is on the inside.

the crystals by day

the ceiling made for a very interesting pic

Hermes, Cartier, Lanvin, YSL, Stella, Marni, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior – it is the ultimate in shopping with all your favorite luxury designers. But, The Crystals to me was not so much about the stores, grant it, I love me some Balenciaga with a side of Tom Ford, but it is the architecture and the ambiance of this shopping center that is truly phenomenal. Its futuristic design creates a very modern setting with park like attributes.

life-size at versace

b is for balenciaga

my willie wonka-esque flowers…so colorful almost edible

icicle trees in front of lv

prada upclose and personal

candy for the eyes

And if you get hungry while in a shopping frenzy, you have a number of great restaurants to refuel at. Wolfgang Puck has his signature spot there along with Eva Longoria who has an outpost of her famed Beso Steakhouse. There is also Social House and a couple smaller snack shops, but it is my personal favorite that I would highly recommend – Mastro’s. Not only is it amazing food (order the lobster mashed potatoes – trust me!), you need to just experience the architecture of the restaurant.

mastro’s ocean club

view is even better looking from the inside out…with a glass of vino

Now what happens AFTER your day of shopping at The Crystals – well that you can keep to yourself.

xx…btq girl

**images courtesy of MGM Mirage and my android

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