the secret is out: equipment will open this fall on melrose place…

…every time I turn around there is a new store popping up! I mean literally – we walk down to Melrose Place regularly each week (whether it’s for dinner, the farmer’s market, doing a little shopping, or just to walk the dog) and I always squeal with delight when I see another one of my favorite stores getting ready to call this beautiful street home! Well this weekend was no different. After a night at the Hollywood bowl, the Fiance and I took our dog on a little walk and as we enjoyed the warm summer night, we walked past this….


it’s official


so excited


Ummm yes I screamed with excitement! (The Fiance is so used to this by now and I think the neighborhood is too.) Equipment is a major favorite over here at TheBoutique411 – with their blouses being the perfect staple for any outfit, for truly any occasion. This boutique will be the first flagship for the brand and is set to open this Fall. (If it looks familiar, you might recognize it as the former location of Stylehaüs.) It is nestled on the corner of Melrose Place and Alfred, which is next to our beloved Frédéric Fekkai…


in great company


first flagship


Melrose Place is quickly becoming one of the best shopping destinations in LA and we certainly are NOT complaining! More to come when the boutique officially opens…


xx…btq girl

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