thanksgiving dinner: a little help if you’re hosting…

…Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays – food, friends, family, and time to really get into the holiday spirit! And as we are one week away from the big day, I assume a lot of you are prepping for dinners large and small. As I love to entertain AND we just had our sixth annual “friends” thanksgiving, I thought I would share some fun details from our party that might help you with yours…


turkey day


For the last six years, I have hosted what we like to call Friendsgiving – a potluck dinner before actual Thanksgiving where we make a turkey, drink a ton of wine, give thanks (and then some), and get to catch up before everybody starts getting crazy for the holidays! In hosting a party, there are couple things that are really important to me, starting with setting the table…


table for 15…


Rule #1: Put time into your centerpiece! It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is the first thing guests will see when entering your dinning room. I used a white table cloth with a burlap runner (from Pottery Barn), then I added some fake leaves and acorns (all available from your local craft store.) Next, I bought a bunch of pumpkins (all different shapes, sizes, and colors) from Trader Joe’s along with random acorn squash that I found on my way to the checkout line. Arrange throughout the center of your table and you’re all set!


focus on your centerpiece


perfect centerpiece veggies from trador joe’s


ready to eat


Rule #2: Don’t worry about having matching place settings – it’s much more fun to mix and match! I used more traditional china that I bought at Bloomingdales Home along with these vintage style plates I bought at the Melrose Trading Post (flea market)! I mixed red Crate and Barrel napkins with Pottery Barn festive napkins. My name tags where cut from brown paper bags (very DIY of me – ha!) and viola, you have a table!


place settings for the fiance and i


Rule #3: If you like to entertain, this is the perfect time to pull out the good stuff you save for special occasions! I love using my great grandma’s silverware and seeing it on the table. Her initials are engraved on each piece and it adds a sentimental element to the table. I also use my grandparents sterling candlesticks that are  stunning and add some drama!


special silverware


Rule #4: Lastly, serve good food and drinks! Nobody likes a dry turkey, ha! You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just put some extra love into into your recipe and you will be ready for a perfect thanksgiving dinner!


sweet potatoes and stuffing…


thanksgiving greens


an over the top cheese board – all available at trader joe’s…


the mini bar!


Hope that helps inpire you a little bit! Happy hosting!


xx…btq girl

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