hermès heaven: the rodeo store is having a sale…

…yes you read that correctly and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you!! Take a deep breath because this is BEYOND exciting! I just got word from our lovely friends at Racked LA that we are officially going shopping at the Hermès store in Beverly Hills this month – THEY ARE HAVING A SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I don’t know what is happening with the fashion gods, but they are about to shower us shoppers with love!! Head over to the Rodeo Drive boutique August 22, 23, and 24 to indulge in some majorly discounted delights – clothes, shoes, accessories – it’s going to be good! And you know how these sales work…the earlier you arrive the better. Doors open at 10am!


And just an fyi - your beloved Birkin (and all other handbags for that matter) will not be on sale, but we can’t have everything we wish for…or can we?!?


xx…btq girl


hermès: 428 n. rodeo drive. beverly hills. ca. 90210

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