hello lover…

…for the first hello lover of the year, I had to feature a lil prez Santa brought me for Christmas – the Samsung Galaxy camera! Now I’m not the biggest tech junkie, but I am obsessed with this thing…


a smart camera


Let me preface, I love my DSLR camera, but I really needed something high quality yet small enough to fit in my clutch when we go to events, parties, etc – you know that dilemma right? Yes I could use the camera on my phone, but since I want to share these with you, they have to be picture perfect! This little camera combines the precision of a DSLR camera with the technology and sharing capabilities of a smart phone. The pictures are amazing with settings for photographers of all levels. And being that it has wifi and 3G/4G capabilities, app’s and photo editing options are endless!


so pretty


hiding behind the camera


With all these amazing settings, features, and apps, all I need to do now is learn how to use it!


xx…btq girl


(ps…this is in no way a sponsored post – I truly love this thing!)

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