calling all new yorkers: show sandy who’s boss…

…our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our friends in the North East right now. So many are still without power and dealing with major cleanup – we send you lots of love! For all of our friends in NYC this Sunday, here’s a way to brighten your weekend and help during this disaster…


barneys madison ave


This morning, Barneys tweeted that their store on Madison Ave will be donating 10% of all sales on Sunday to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I know there are more important things right now than shopping, but I just thought if you needed a little break from sandy, if you needed to go somewhere with power, maybe even just to grab a coffee at the cafe, or try a new lipstick, any purchase you make will be helping the Hurricane relief!


thank you for helping barneys!


And if you don’t live in NYC, please go to the American Red Cross and donate. They have provided more than 23,000 overnight shelter stays since Saturday and we still have a long way to go!


xx…btq girl

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