the countdown is on: rag & bone to open any day now…

…with all the excitement circling around the new Rag & Bone store, I had to go check it out and see what I could bring you! Good news is…OMG this boutique is amazing from the outside. Bad news is…it’s not open…YET…




Looking inside this huge, two story boutique, workers were buzzing around like little bee’s! Clothes are on hangers, mannequins are set up waiting to be dressed, the window’s were being washed – all signs pointing to an opening any day now. The anticipation is killing me!


squeaky clean


side view


work in progress


almost the entire length of the block



countdown is on…


love the industrial vibe


Stay tuned for pics from the inside – and from this preview, you know it is going to be GOOD!


xx…btq girl


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