isabel marant for h&m: preview event in west hollywood…

…with one of the most anticipated collaborations yet launching tomorrow, an invite to the Isabel Marant for H&M preview party was a HOT ticket in LA last night. At the Sunset Boulevard store in West Hollywood, H&M hosted a VIP event with plenty of fringe booties and chaos to go around!








With guests wrapped around the building, H&M was ready promptly at 7pm to start letting anxious shoppers into the store. Needless to say, by 7:10pm, the store looked like an Isabel Marant feeding frenzy. Boxes of shoes were opened and thrown about, sweatshirts were disappearing in a blink, shopping bags were stuffed and overflowing on to the floor and the H&M staff could barely replenish the racks without getting mobbed. It didn’t matter if you were a celeb, super model, or infamous blogger (they all were there) – it was survival of the fittest. But what do you expect? This is Isabel Marant!!!










For more details and to find out where to shop in your area, check out the H&M website. Stores open at 8am and the online shop goes live with product at 12pm EST. Just a little note to consider, the pants run small, the sweatshirts run even smaller, and the sweaters and tee’s run pretty true to size. Good luck!


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