equipment boutique: there’s movement and we hear monday is the big day…

…yes, yes – another Melrose Place update! I know, I feel like that’s all I talk about these days, but seriously, I can’t help it!! All these amazing stores keep opening up and I obviously MUST tell you about it! So you might remember a few months back when the I first posted about the Equipment store opening here in LA. I love this brand and would happily wear one of their shirts every day of the year if I only had 362 more of them!



Well, here’s a major update…while going about my own business (which happens to be on Melrose Place most of the time), I noticed some very exciting things at the soon-to-be store location – lights on, workers buzzing about, construction, and I might have even seen a rack of something amazing in the back corner – okay maybe that part I was dreaming, but still! All things point to an opening very, very soon, which we hear could be as early as THIS coming Monday….


it’s almost ready


beautiful corner location


melrose place charm


it’s going to be gorgeous


So if you live in lala land, sit tight and start making your wish list. Our mecca of button-downs is about to arrive! (And for those of you that don’t, more pics to come when it’s complete – oohhh the excitement!)


xx…btq girl


equipment: 8459 melrose place. los angeles. ca. 90069. 323-330-8889.


*image one from here

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